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Moots Titanium


Quality design, quality tubing, quality craftspeople and quality processes equal the best made frame you can buy. Our long-term dedication to one material, Titanium, has provided Moots with a level of experience designing, building and riding every style of bike over the past 35 years.

The perfect size company to make the best Titanium bikes in the world—

25 years of nothing but Titanium – 35 years of bike manufacturing. The crew at Moots knows Ti and knows bikes. The years of cumulative experience in the building gets used every day to make the product better
Experience has taught us to teach and learn. Each specialist brings skill and perspective that elevates the product beyond one person’s ideas.
Moots has great partners within the industry. Having worked with a variety of suppliers over the years, some for 25, we have developed relationships which have strengthened the designs, materials and execution to highest level
Never stop moving forward. As a team we build Titanium bikes because we believe in what we do. The challenges we embrace are to improve what we do and how we do it and to never stop moving forward.