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Electric Bikes | A New Way To Ride A BikeElectric Bikes | A New Way To Ride A Bike

You’ll Love An Electric Bike

Electric bikes make riding more fun and accessible for everyone. You’ll get an extra boost of power while you pedal, which makes getting up hills and riding longer distances easier and more enjoyable than ever.



Try Before You Buy

Want to feel more confident about buying an electric bike? The Ride is a Rad Power Bike demo location! We offer Rad Power Bike test rides for a hands-on experience. 

You can shop in-store or on-line! We offer multiple brands in-store and online like Denago and Specialized.


Ride an electric bike and leave your car behind. Experience a stress-free and, dare we say it, joyous commute. You'll cruise into the office barely breaking a sweat. Plus you'll save hundreds of dollars on parking and gas.


Electric bikes are a fun alternative to the gym. Grab your friends and go for a ride! Your fitness will improve and you'll have fun exploring new places. Ditch the gym and visit us to find an electric bike that's right for you. 


Nothing brings joy like a bike ride. With an electric bike you can explore more, ride farther, and climb higher than ever before. Visit us or browse our inventory online to learn about the best style of bike for your favorite adventures.