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Directions to the trailhead from The Ride

From The Ride head N on N Donaghey Ave. Turn left onto Hwy 64W/Washington Ave.  Travel on Hwy 64W for approx 4.2miles. Turn left onto Hwy 319W. Cadron Settlement Park is located approx 1 mile on the right hand side of the road at the end of this Hwy. Park in the parking area on the left as you enter the park.

Trail Notes: This trail is best ridden in a clockwise direction.  Enter at the trailhead on the left (you'll see "MTB" in yellow on a tree).There is 5-6 miles of trail.The "Outer Loop" is marked with yellow squares on trees.  It is fairly technical and is intended for intermediate level riders.  The "Inner Loop" is marked with orange squares and consists of a pea gravel type surface.  It is rideable by all skill levels. There is no running water to fill your water bottles, but there is a bathroom facility.



The Ridge Trail connects West Conway (Centennial Valley) with Cadron Settlement Park via a trail that climbs and follows the ridge.  We have permission to ride and/or hike/run this trail.  No ATV or motorized traffic is allowed (on the park trails either for that matter). You can access the trail from Bay Hill Rd in Centenial Valley via one of the trailheads pictured below.  Both of these easternmost trailheads are located in the curve of Bay Hill drive just about 30 feet from each other. 

The trailhead pictured first below requires you to take another immediate left once you get underneath the powerline in order to ride the trail to the top (or you can hike-a-bike to the top of the ridge).  The trailhead pictured second will take you on a double track path angled up to the top of the ridge. The third picture below is the west end of the Ridge Trail as it leaves the woods.  There currently is a small plastic sack stuck to the tree indicating the trail.  It is located across the highway from the gravel road entrance pictured fourth below.  This road forms the easternmost boundary to Cadron.  You can acess Cadron trails from this road or you can ride down to the park for the trailhead entrance.


Located north of Greenbrier at Woolly Hollow State Park, the Enders Fault trailhead starts at the new gravel parking lot on Historic Springfield Road past the park campground. Ride the old wagon trail into the woods past the hiking trail entrance (no bikes on that please) and then a left goes to the North Loop (clockwise), a right goes to the South Loop (counter-clockwise).

The North Loop features winding rolling hills and a couple of wonderful stream crossings. These will be dry beds during the Summer. Some tight turns and a few rocks are the most technical parts of this section.

You'll follow a seasonal stream a bit and shortly after crossing it you'll start a short climb with one switchback. Roll through the hardwoods punctuated by cedar trees. You'll cross a fire break a couple of times, make sure to stay on the trail (straight ahead). After a couple of miles of riding you'll enter a section known as "The North 40" that starts with a bunch of fast rollers before eventually crossing a stream and then heads up through switchback and a few non-technical rocks before getting to a highpoint. Enjoy the winding downhill that follows until you come out onto a fire break. Follow the fire break to the next stream crossing.

You are now on the South Loop, shortly after crossing the stream you'll head up to a tough, steep turn to the right. Never fear, after the turn you'll have a gradual uphill section on wide, non-technical trail for less than a tenth of a mile. At this point, open up the throttle. The next 3 1/2 miles is easy, flowing trail slowly making it's way down the south side of the hill. One short climb in the middle brings you to the ridge again. Soon you'll come around a point on the ridge that during leaf off, overlooks Lake Bennett. Have fun, keep your speed in check depending on your skill level and enjoy the next 3/4 mile of hill hugging downhill.

At the bottom you'll cross a substantial bridge and a few hundred feet later you'll arrive back at the Springfield Trail. A left turn will take you back to the parking lot, straight ahead will let you do it all again.