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Erik Leamon

Erik is the founder and owner of The Ride, or in his youngest son's words "my dad's the king of The Ride"!  Ha! Erik and Tara have been married for over 25 years, have four children, and reside right here in Conway, where they have lived the better part of their lives.  He's been riding his bike pretty much his whole life and has been working on his bikes all along the way.  Erik is a triathlete, roadie, MTBiker, loves gravel, a name it, if you can do it on two wheels, he loves it.

Tara Leamon

Tara is the founder and director of Women Bike Arkansas. She is The Ride's customer service extraordinaire, our social media coordinator, and the pretty face and gentle lace of the shop. Tara loves to cook and EVERYONE else loves to eat her food. She is the queen of hospitality and also enjoys most outdoor activities. She's a roadie, triathlete, and mountain biker...we're working on awakening her love for gravel!

Mike Brown

Mike is the Service Manager.  He has been riding bikes since he was old enough to pedal one.  He loves building trails in the Conway area for mountain bikers and trail users to enjoy and to continue to grow their skills.  He is a NICA coach and part of the Race Production crew for the Arkansas NICA League.  He also enjoys backpacking, recreational kayaking, and just about anything that involves being outdoors.

Logan Hall

My name is Logan Hall, or Mr-Do-It-All. Here at the shop I am in charge when no one else is around. I am the number 3 salesman, the number 2 1/2 mechanic, and the #1 "Smoosher." I also produce events here in the state with All Sports Productions in Fayetteville. I am the Event Manager. Simply put, I make the event happen. My hobbies include bike racing, MTB racing, road racing, boat racing. I am married to a beautiful woman named Lani. We have a even more beautiful new daughter.

Dan Hamilton

Dan began working on bikes at the CAB sponsored bike share and repair here in Conway, AR.  His bike interest include fair weather commuting and recreational riding with family and friends.

Chris McCauley

I fell in love with cycling seven years ago to improve my health and gain my independence back. Starting working at the bike shop completely turned my world around and opened up so many new doors for me. You'll always find me at the bench working or eager to help customers. My favorite type of cycling is road cycling with a little bit of gravel rides every now and then, and yes I do have an e-bike. Let's have an e-bike race! 


Fozzy is an Aussiedoodle. He is our shop greeter and provides emotional support and encouragement for all of your bike related purchases. He is always eager to see you and get as many lovings as you are able to give.